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Handmade Zombie Gifts

Handmade zombie gifts are made with love, blood, sweat and tears. That’s why some of the best zombie gifts aren’t mass produced; they’re painstakingly crafted by hand. If you’re searching for a unique zombie gift, handmade zombie gifts are a great idea. A handmade zombie gift can be just the ticket when you’re shopping for yourself, or the zombie fan that seems to have everything!

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Zombie Santa Claus Christmas Ornament

Zombie Santa Claus Christmas Ornament – $18.95 You’ve already purchased a complete set of Zombie gingerbread family Christmas ornaments. You also have all the other hand painted zombie Christmas ornaments. What’s left to decorate your zombie Christmas tree? A zombie Santa Claus Christmas ornament of course! This zombie sculpted zombie ornament depicts a Zombie Santa […]

Zombie Candy Cane Christmas Ornament

Zombie Candy Cane Christmas Ornament – $9.95 This gorgeous Zombie Candy Cane Christmas ornament looks just like a zombie arm.  The detail on this simple, but brilliant, idea is just amazing.  The  yellow decaying zombie fingernails complete the hooked hand and the red stripe is even the underlying zombie arm muscle below the  rotten zombie’s […]

Zombie Snowman Christmas Ornament

Zombie Snowman Christmas Ornament – $9.95 Add some zombie style to your Christmas tree with this Zombie Snowman Christmas ornament. Not ornament….a GORNament.  These gory ornaments look just like a zombie snowman complete with bloody details. Each zombie ornament is made from a durable urethane resin and is hand painted. Each one is unique.  If […]

Zombie Gingerbread Bottle Opener

Gingerbread Zombie Bottle Opener – $12.95   You already have a complete set of Gingerbread Zombie family Christmas ornaments. Now you just need this gingerbread zombie bottle opener to complete your collection and keep the festivities going. This awesome steel bottle opener has a beautiful durable urethane resin handle sculpted to look just look a […]

Zombie Gingerbread Cat Christmas Ornament

Zombie Gingerbread Cat Christmas Ornament – $9.95 This zombie ginger bread cat Christmas ornament is the perfect addition to complete your family of zombie gingerbread Christmas ornaments. This adorable zombie cat Christmas ornament is made out of durable urethane resin. Each zombie ornament is unique because they are hand painted. No two zombie gingerbread cat […]

Zombie Gingerbread Dog Christmas Ornament

Zombie Gingerbread Dog Christmas Ornament – $9.95   Finally! Man’s best friend now has a home on your zombie themed Christmas tree. This zombie ginger bread dog Christmas ornament is the perfect addition to complete your family of zombie gingerbread Christmas ornaments. This zombie Christmas ornament is crafted out of durable urethane resin. Each one […]

Gingerbread Zombie Family Christmas Ornaments

Zombie Gingerbread Family Christmas Ornaments -$9.95 each     Spread Christmas and Holiday cheer with these Zombie Gingerbread Christmas ornaments. Previously just one zombie gingerbread man was available. Now you can create an entire zombie gingerbread family on your Christmas tree! Buy one to represent each member of your family and grace your Christmas tree […]

Zombie Bird Feeder

Zombie Bird Feeder – $24.95   Be one with nature and bring peace and tranquility to your backyard with this gory zombie bird feeder. This bird feeder is sculpted to look just like a zombie. Birds perch on the various nails pounded into the zombie’s body. If they want a snack your winged friends of […]

Zombie Head Pencil Holder and Desk Organizer

Zombie Head Pencil Holder and Desk Organizer – $34.95 Click the images below to open a larger view in a new window: We can’t think of a better way to keep your desk organized and clutter free. This gross zombie head might also deter friends, family, and coworkers from “borrowing” your pens and pencils so […]

Zombie Mistletoe Christmas Ornament

Zombie Mistletoe Zombie Christmas Ornament   I’m not sure your sweetheart will kiss you under this mistleTOE. Then again it’s worth a try, especially if she’s a zombie fan. This clever little Zombie Christmas ornament makes the ideal affordable zombie gift for the Holidays. This zombie mistletoe Christmas ornament is made by local indie artists […]

Zombie Stocking – Zombie Christmas Ornament

Zombie Stocking Christmas Ornament Need a unique Christmas decoration for yourself or that special zombie lover on your Holiday shopping list? This unique and affordable zombie gift is just the answer. This awesome zombie stocking Christmas ornament features a dismembered zombie leg in a Christmas stocking! These unique zombie gifts are crafted out of a […]

Gingerbread Zombie Christmas Ornament

Gingerbread Zombie Christmas Ornament Looking for the perfect affordable Zombie gift for the Holidays? How about a gornament? That’s right a gornament…a gory ornament. This adorable and gory zombie gingerbread man ornament is just what that special zombie fan on your lists needs this Christmas. This zombie gingerbread man is crafted with exquisite details and […]