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The best zombie gifts often aren’t the mass produced ones. Sometimes they’re the handmade zombie gifts crafted with love and passion in someone’s kitchen, garage or studio. That’s why we’ve created a section on our site devoted to unique handmade zombie gifts. We’re already the web’s premiere spot for for zombie gift shopping. We also hope to become one of the web’s best directories for handmade one of a kind zombie gifts. Thanks to our affordable service you can now have your zombie gift advertised on The best part is you’ll likely cover the cost of your advertising for the month with a single sale!

We know firsthand how expensive advertising can be. It’s simply too expensive for most do-it-yourselfers and small business owners to afford. The other difficult part becomes reaching your target audience. Paying a small fortune to advertise your product to an audience not interested in it is a waste of time and money. Luckily we’ve solved both problems for you.  For prices as low as $9.95 you can get your handcrafted zombie product on our site visited by tens of thousands of zombie minded visitors each month!

Have questions? Learn more about pricing and answers to other frequently asked questions here.  Read all of the terms for use of the listing service here.



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