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View all of our awesome zombie gifts and collectibles at once. This category displays ALL of the zombie gifts, collectibles and other zombie merchandise we’ve ever featured on our site! Use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate through the products and bask in the epic zombie gift awesomeness!

Walking Dead socks

The Walking Dead Socks: Women’s Low Cut Socks – 5 Pack

Multi Colored Walking Dead Women’s Low Cut Socks   You love The Walking Dead. You have Walking Dead t-shirts, hats, hoodies and belts. If only you had a way to show your love for TWD on your feet. Don’t dismay Walking Dead fanatics, now there is a solution to just that problem! Show your love […]
Walking Dead POP! Vinyl Woodbury Walker Figure

Woodbury Walker Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Walking Dead Woodbury Walker POP! Vinyl Figure Woodbury: The gated community of the Zombie Apocalypse. On the surface Woodbury seemed so safe. Of course we know it wasn’t immune to walkers or it’s own hidden secrets and evil. Funko has immortalized a Woodbury walker in fun and funky POP! vinyl form. This vinyl zombie […]
Zombie Head Bowling Ball

Zombie Head Bowling Ball

DV8 Zombie Spare Bowling Ball Need a fully functional zombie themed bowling ball that performs as great as it looks? The DV8 Zombie Spare Bowling Ball is sure to meet your bowling needs while impressing friends, family and spectators.  The Zombie spare ball features polyester cover stock, bullet core and a high gloss polish factory […]
Zombie Socks

Zombie Socks – DeFeet AirEator Zombie Running/Cycling Socks

DeFeet AirEator Zombie Cycling/Running Socks Rule #1: Cardio. You need to stay in shape in case the zombies come. There’s no reason you need boring white socks and wet feet when you train though. Fortunately these Zombie AirEater socks from DeFeet are available to solve your boring wet sock woes. These awesome 3 inch zombie […]
Daryl Dixon Angel in Disguise t-shirt

Angel in Disguise Daryl Dixon Inspired T-Shirt

  Angel in Disguise – Daryl Dixon Inspired T-Shirt Daryl Dixon is an often misunderstood good guy at heart. Beneath the rough and tumble redneck exterior is a heart of a gold and a savior willing to fight for the good of the group.  This gorgeous Daryl Dixon inspired t-shirt captures the essence of all […]
Walker Dead zombie t-shirt

Zombie T-Shirt: The WALKER Dead

Look out! It’s The WALKER Dead! While the walker and missing dentures may make this zombie less of a threat. . . it doesn’t mean you won’t like this funny zombie t-shirt design. Also available on a variety of other products.
Coffin Nail Pale Ale Zombie t-shirt

Coffin Nail Pale Ale Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie T-Shirt Coffin Nail Pale Ale – from $14.99 Few things in life make us happier than beer and zombies. That’s why we love this zombie themed “Coffin Nail Pale Ale” zombie t-shirt. This zombie t-shirt design features an image of a zombie enjoying a tall frosty mug of Coffin Nail Pale Ale. This zombie […]
Zombie Hand 3D Ice tray zombie hand mold

3D Zombie Hand Ice Mold

3D Zombie Hand Ice Mold Want to wow your party guests? Have you always wanted a frozen zombie hand protruding out of your glass? Perhaps you’re just looking for a way to keep people from stealing your drink. Whatever your reasoning for wanting one, you can now have your very own zombie hand ice cube. […]
Maggie Greene Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Maggie

Maggie Greene Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko has finally stepped up and given the Pop! vinyl treatment to some other eye-candy on the show. (Enough Daryl already!)  Lauren Cohan’s beauty and portrayal of Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead make her the heartthrob of many fans. Just when we think she couldn’t possibly be […]
Haynes Zombie Survival Manual Sean T Page

Zombie Survival Manual: From the dawn of time onwards (all variations)

Zombie Survival Manual: From the dawn of time onwards (all variations)   If you’re a do-it-yourselfer you’re probably familiar with Haynes manuals. Probably most well known for providing car repair manuals, Haynes and author Sean T Page have teamed up to help you survive the zombie apocalypse. This detailed manual looks just like a Haynes […]
This is my zombie killing mug zombie coffee cup

Zombie Killing Brass Knuckle Coffee Mug

This is My Zombie Killing Mug – Brass Knuckle Handle Coffee Mug I don’t know about you, but I’m useless until I’ve had my first cup of coffee and bashed a few zombie skulls. Luckily this awesome zombie killing mug let’s me do both simultaneously. This white mug features blood splatters and the a very […]
Zombie Hunter Gun Mug Pistol Mug Zombie Killer Coffee Mug

Zombie Hunter Gun Mug

Zombie Hunter Gun Coffee Mug Zombie Hunter coffee mugs are cool. Pistol handle gun coffee mugs are cool. Combine the two and you can start your day with an epic zombie killing coffee mug experience. This coffee mug is the perfect gift for the gun nut and zombie fan in your life. The black ceramic […]
Daryl Dixon Painting

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Inspired Painting

  Unique Daryl Dixon Walking Dead inspired design 12″ wide by 24″ tall Finished Edges (hang as is or frame it as you see fit) Protective clear coat Handmade item: each one is unique $39.99 with Free US shipping Check out this cool spray graffiti style Daryl Dixon inspired painting. With Norman Reedus’s character, Daryl Dixon, […]
Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Statue Gentle Giant

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Statue – Gentle Giant

  Gentle Giant The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon 1:4 Statue (18″ tall)   Daryl Dixon fans rejoice! The geniuses at Gentle Giant Ltd. have done it again! They’re bringing Daryl Dixon straight from your TV screen to the shelf with this highly detailed and intricate 1:4 scale Walking Dead statue. Measuring 18″ tall by 10″ […]
Zombie Socks

Zombie Socks

Zombie Socks ~ $9.95 Shambling around with no coffee on Monday morning only goes so far. You need the right socks on your feet to truly shamble like one of the walking dead. These zombie socks are the perfect comfy green foot attire for that or any other occasion. These green cotton socks look just […]
Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Figure Penny Blake

The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl – Penny Blake

Penny Blake (Governor’s Zombie Daughter) Pop! Vinyl Figure Aww. Isn’t she cute? The Governor’s zombie daughter is adorable and even more so in fun, funky Pop! vinyl form. Penny Blake is the daughter of Philip Blake, a man better known as “The Governor”. Philip just can’t say goodbye to his daughter and you’ll find her […]