Zombie Socks – DeFeet AirEator Zombie Running/Cycling Socks

Zombie Socks DeFeet Wicking socks

DeFeet AirEator Zombie Cycling/Running Socks

Rule #1: Cardio. You need to stay in shape in case the zombies come. There’s no reason you need boring white socks and wet feet when you train though. Fortunately these Zombie AirEater socks from DeFeet are available to solve your boring wet sock woes.

These awesome 3 inch zombie socks feature a very cool green, light blue and blood splattered design. The zombie face on the cuff let’s everyone know you love zombies almost as much as you love outrunning them.

These socks aren’t just about looking pretty. They feature a no slip cuff, a virtually seamless design  and are super tough and super dry. These socks are composed of a special blend to make them strong, flexible and dry:

  • 60% Nylon
  • 39% CoolMax EcoMade
  • 1% Lycra

These zombie socks are available in sizes small through Extra-Large:

  • Small:                     (Women 6-8)
  • Medium:               (Men 7-9 / Women 8.5-10.5)
  • Large:                    (Men 9.5-11.5 / Women 11-13)
  • Extra-Large:      (Men 12+)

Pricing starts around $9.00 per pair making these the perfect unique and affordable zombie gift. Pick up a pair of these zombie socks today. . . before the zombies come!

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