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Zombie Babies

This category features the best in zombie gifts and zombie merchandise for babies.

“Little Ass Kicker” Infant Onesie/Jumper – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead ‘Little Ass Kicker’ Infant Snapsuit   Leave it to Daryl Dixon to nickname an infant “little a$$ kicker.” I suppose any baby born during the zombie apocalypse has to learn how to whip some tail right out of the womb. Thanks to this officially licensed The Walking Dead infant jumper, any baby […]

Brain Eata Zombie Baby®

Brain Eata Zombie Baby® Prop -$34.99 This adorable little bundle of joy has already moved on to solid foods. Awwwww. So cute! This zombie gift measures about 17 inch tall and is made of a  lifelike rubber skin filled with latex and sponge to give it a like like weighted feel. Of course, the real beauty is […]

Thumb Sucker Zombie Baby Prop

Thumb Sucker Zombie Baby Prop $39.99   Awwww! So adorable. Thumb sucking is a hard habit to break, especially when your baby enjoys sucking on other the thumbs of others. We all know you aren’t going to tell a zombie baby no. Fortunately there’s an easy solution. Just lop off someone’s hand at the wrist and […]

Zombie Baby Backpack

Looking for this zombie baby backpack? Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and is difficult or impossible to find new. The links here will take you to ebay search results that should help you locate this or or similar products! Zombie Baby Backpack This awesome zombie baby backpack makes the perfect finishing touch to a […]

Zombie Snack Bib

Zombie Snack Bib Let’s get this out of the way. Your Mother-In-Law may HATE this bib. That being said the bib doesn’t necessarily mean your precious little one is going to be used as zombie grub. It may just be a silly bib implying that your baby is a zombie and wants to nom nom […]

Zombie Desktop Bowling Game

Bowling Zombies Wooden Novelty Game   This simple zombie bowling game is easy to learn and fun for zombie fans of all ages. It features wooden pins painted to look just like zombies. Set it up in seconds on a table, desk, floor, or other hard and flat surface. The object is simple. Try to […]