Zombie Baby Backpack

Looking for this zombie baby backpack? Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and is difficult or impossible to find new. The links here will take you to ebay search results that should help you locate this or or similar products!Zombie Baby Backpack

Zombie Baby Backpack

This awesome zombie baby backpack makes the perfect finishing touch to a zombie costume.  It also makes a very unique and gory addition to any zombie fan’s collection of zombie gifts! This zombie baby backpack looks just like a rotting and bloody zombie baby. She (we’ll assume it’s a she because of the pink pajamas) even has  a brain bib!

There are two sturdy straps to carry your little bundle of zombie cuteness anywhere you’d like.  For our younger zombie fans I have my doubts whether any K-12 school here in America would be cool enough to let you carry this around, but you can always use it out of school.

The inside of the backpack isn’t huge but it’s large enough to store some smaller personal items like your keys, wallet, cell phone, spare brains or other small necessities.

Priced at just $29.99 at the time of this posting, this makes a perfect zombie gift when you need an affordable and unique zombie gift idea!

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PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: We first added this zombie baby backpack to the site back in 2012. Unfortunately, this zombie gift appears to have been discontinued. You may be able to find this product from private parties on sites such as ebay. The links and resources here may help you locate this, or similar, products.


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