Zachary Zombie Cuddly Buddies Hooded Zombie Blanket

What child wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a soft, fuzzy and warm zombie friend? Fortunately this zombie doesn’t want anything other than to swaddle your little one in soft, luxurious warmth. This Zachary Zombie Cuddly Buddies hooded zombie blanket is made of incredibly soft and comfortable Shearloft fabric. It measures approximately 40 inches by 50 inches. This hooded zombie blanket is wearable as a blanket, costume, robe or more. It lays flat for super comfortable sleep.

Zachary Zombie Hooded Zombie Blanket

Hooded Zombie Blanket Zombie Gift

One look at the funny zombie face on the hood and your kids will be hooked. This zombie features large goofy bloodshot eyes and a silly smirk with a tongue hanging out. A few strands of black zombie hair protrude from the adorable undead character’s head. One of the zombie’s hands is missing and there are just the right amount of silly zombie boo-boos without being gory or frightening.

Cuddly Buddies Hooded Zombie Blanket

Kids love taking Zachary to school for naptime, camping, on sleepovers, road trips, sporting events, drive in movies and more. The adorable zombie face is sure to make any child safe and comforted. This hooded zombie blanket is perfect for home or on the go.

Care instructions are fairly straight forward for this adorable zombie gift. Simply wash in cold water on a gentle wash cycle using your favorite laundry detergent. For best results, was separately from your other laundry. Non-chlorine color-safe bleach can be used if you need some extra cleaning power. Once washing is complete you can hang to dry or tumble dry on a low heat setting. Follow these simple and easy care instructions, use common sense and this cute hooded zombie blanket is sure to please for many years to come.

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