zombie head coffee mug front view

Zombie Head Coffee Mug

Having a hard waking them up? Need a gift for the zombie fan that loves coffee? This zombie head coffee mug is the perfect undead answer to your unique mug needs. Zombie Head Coffee Mug This ceramic mug is shaped just like a gross zombie head. The large stout handle offers a comfortable grip. The …

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Zombie Coffee Mug and more zombie gifts

Handmade Zombie Mugs and More

Give them a unique zombie mug sure to put a smile on their face! Handmade Zombie Mugs Have you been searching for a unique handmade zombie or horror themed gift for yourself or that special someone? It doesn’t get much more unique, than a hand crafted  zombie coffee mug. An undead mug, like the one …

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Zombie Hunter Gun Mug Pistol Mug Zombie Killer Coffee Mug

Zombie Hunter Gun Mug

Zombie Hunter Gun Coffee Mug Zombie Hunter coffee mugs are cool. Pistol handle gun coffee mugs are cool. Combine the two and you can start your day with an epic zombie killing coffee mug experience. This coffee mug is the perfect gift for the gun nut and zombie fan in your life. The black ceramic …

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Infected Zombie Coffee Mug

“Infected” Zombie Coffee Mug

Infected Zombie Coffee Mug Normally we wouldn’t suggest giving the world the impression that you’re infected with the zombie virus. It tends to draw very unwanted attention. There are some scenarios in life where people thinking you’re contaminated with a deadly zombie virus might just be beneficial. Take coffee for example.  You don’t like people …

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Zombie Head Goblet

Gruesome Zombie Goblet -$19.99   Enjoy your favorite cold beverage or tasty dessert out of a rotting zombie head. Sound disgusting? Well it’s possible with this gross zombie head goblet. This awesome zombie gift is a cold cast resin goblet in the shape of a zombie head. It’s supported by a base that looks just like …

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Ceramic Zombie Head Coffee Mug

Ceramic Zombie Mug   We’ve found the perfect companion to everyone’s favorite cookie jar.  This ceramic coffee mug is an exact match and smaller version of the zombie head cookie jar.  These zombie coffee mugs hold approximately 16 ounces of coffee, tea, or maybe some energy drink to keep you awake and alert during the …

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Etched Glass Zombie Beer Glass

Etched Glass Zombie Beer Glass – $10.00 + Shipping and Handling   This awesome etched zombie beer glass is the perfect way to indulge. It features a cool zombie silhouette along with the word “zombie” etched in a cool zombie style font. No worries about this design peeling off or fading away.These are permanently etched …

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Zombie Party Cups 4 Pack

Pack of 4 Zombie Party Cups – $7.99: There ain’t no party like a zombie party…cuz a zombie party don’t stop! Give your zombie themed party an extra dose of awesome by picking up some zombie party cups! For less than eight bucks you get four different zombie designs. There’s a “Brains” design, a “I …

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