“Infected” Zombie Coffee Mug

Infected Zombie Coffee Mug
"Infected" zombie coffee mug in use

Infected Zombie Coffee Mug

Normally we wouldn’t suggest giving the world the impression that you’re infected with the zombie virus. It tends to draw very unwanted attention. There are some scenarios in life where people thinking you’re contaminated with a deadly zombie virus might just be beneficial. Take coffee for example.  You don’t like people messing with your coffee or your coffee mug and the “INFECTED” coffee mug might just be the perfect solution.

This simple yet stylish zombie themed coffee mug is black with the word “INFECTED” printed on it in read. The best part of this mug might just be the bottom. When tipped for drinking, your admirers will see a gruesome bloody zombie mouth on the bottom of the mug.

Originally priced under $10, this affordable zombie coffee mug makes a great gift idea.


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This zombie gift has been discontinued and is no longer available from the original retailer. This zombie product was a ThinkGeek Exclusive item available in limited quantities. The links here will now take you to similar zombie coffee mugs you may enjoy. We’ll update this product listing in the future if this zombie product ever becomes available again.

You can also try searching on ebay for this, and many other, zombie gift ideas.



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