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Zombie Necklaces

Zombie Apocalypse Partners Zombie Necklace

Zombie Apocalypse Partners Necklace Set

Zombie Apocalypse Partners Necklace Set Everyone needs that special someone. Show your special someone how much you care about them with this simple, yet elegant, zombie gift. This metal zombie apocalypse necklace set measures 1 inch across and features the engraved phrase “Zombie Apocalypse Partners.”  Each necklace in the set features one side of the […]
Zombie Heart Necklace

Zombie Stitch Heart Necklace

Stitched Zombie Heart Necklace This adorable stitched heart zombie necklace would make the perfect zombie gift for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.  This small chain style necklace features a metal pendant in the shape of a heart. This isn’t just any heart though. . . it’s clearly a zombie heart. The bright green heart […]
Zombie Girl Zombie Necklace

Zombie Girl Bling Necklace

Zombie Girl Bling Zombie Necklace   Show that zombie girl you love her with this affordable Zombie Girl bling necklace. Let’s face it. Zombies can’t afford diamonds. It is just a fact of life. That doesn’t mean you can’t get that zombie girl some affordable bling that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. […]
Zombie Love Necklace Valentine's Day

Zombie Love Necklace

  Zombie Love Necklace There’s nothing like zombie love. Show your significant zombie other how much they mean to you with this “Zombie Love” necklace. The lightweight ball chain necklace features a metal pendant with the word “ZOMBIE” in green and “LOVE” surrounded by hearts underneath in a beautiful pink color. While this isn’t a […]

Zombie Brain Heart Friendship Necklace Set

Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklace This unique zombie friendship necklace set lets you declare you and your zombie loving bud are best friends forever. This unique zombie pendant is a split heart design with a clever design resembling the wrinkles on a brain. (Those are actually called sulci and gyri of the brain….so there’s your […]

Zombie Jewelry: Anatomical Brain Pendant

Anatomical Brain Pendant If you are looking for a perfect piece of subtle zombie jewelry this is the perfect zombie gift for you!  This pendant is a white bronze brain hand carved by artist Janelle Powell. The brain pendant measures about 1 – 3/8″ long, 1 1/16″ wide, and just under  3/4″ at the widest […]

Zombie Friendship Necklace Set: A Whole New Meaning to BFF!

Zombie Friendship Necklace Set   What’s the ultimate way to express friendship when you and your BFF are the walking dead? Sharing a brain of course! These awesome zombie friendship necklaces have two pendants that form one complete tasty human brain when together. One friend will receive the “BRA” half and the other will get […]

Zombie Bling Zombie Necklace

Zombies may be dead…or undead…but they still deserve to look good. That special zombie lady or zombie loving lady on your list deserves this beautiful zombie bling necklace. Zombie Bling Necklace It features the word “ZOMBIE” accented in green gems along with a cute little dangling skull charm on the end.  The chain is a […]