Zombie Brain Heart Friendship Necklace Set

Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklace

Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklace

This unique zombie friendship necklace set lets you declare you and your zombie loving bud are best friends forever. This unique zombie pendant is a split heart design with a clever design resembling the wrinkles on a brain. (Those are actually called sulci and gyri of the brain….so there’s your bit of geek knowledge for the day.)

The heart is colored in a beautiful green and crimson color scheme that really drives the zombie theme home. ¬†These 2 zombie pendants are a metal and enamel construction and they measure about¬†2″ x 1 1/4″. They are mounted on 22″ chains.

This would make a great zombie gift for Valentine’s day!

Each of these zombie friendship necklace sets is an affordable zombie gift priced at just $12.50 each!

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