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Zombie Survival Knives

The Z-hunter zombie themed machete features blood tipped blade

Z-Hunter Blood Tipped Zombie Machete

Z-Hunter Blood Tipped Zombie Themed Machete Give the zombie gift that keeps on giving with the Z-Hunter blood tipped zombie machete. Whether you’re looking for something unusual and functional or just a zombie gift that looks great on hanging on the wall, this is sure to get any undead fan’s blood pumping again. This stunning […]
Zombie Killer Zombie Throwing Axe featured image

Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe

Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe – Green When the zombies come you’ll need more than firearms. They’re loud and attract all sorts of unwanted attention. Ammo also runs out. You’ll need want something sharp, deadly and quiet that you can use to defend yourself. Thankfully the “Zombie Killer Skullsplitter” throwing axe will let your practice […]
Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Warrior Sword

Zombie Apocalypse Warrior Sword with Sheath

Zombie Apocalypse Warrior Sword with Sheath When the zombies come we need true warriors willing to enter the undead field of battle and fight for humanity. The Zombie Apocalypse Warrior Sword may be just what the doctor ordered. This sword features an awesome shape and eye catching fantasy cut-out designs that demand attention. The black […]

Black Legion Undead Zombie Machete

Need to deter the undead? This Black Legion Undead Zombie Machete might be the perfect solution! Black Legion Undead Zombie Machete With Sheath Fight off hordes of the undead, or handle pretty much anything else life throws your way, with this awesome Black Legion Undead Machete.  This zombie themed machete features a razor sharp black […]

Eviscerater Zombie Killer Kukri Machete

Look cool and stay protected and ready when the zombies come with this awesome Zombie Killer Kukri Machete! Eviscerater Zombie Killer Kukri Machete   Kukris are well known as the go to tool to of Central Asia. Part sword, part machete and part razor sharp knife,  Kukris are perfect utility tools and zombie defense weapons. […]

Undead Apocalypse Zombie Katana

Undead Apocalypse Zombie Katana   There’s no reason you can’t be flashy and thrifty when fighting off hordes of the walking dead. This awesome zombie apocalypse katana is priced under $30.00! Measuring 40 1/2″ long overall, this zombie katana has a solid carbon steel blade and painted zinc aluminum fittings and tsuba. Of course this […]

ZD-101 Zombie Apocalypse Machete

ZD-101 Apocalypse Machete   Slice, dice and swing your way through yardwork, camping tasks or the zombie apocalypse with the gorgeous ZD-101 Apocalypse Machete. This 25″ long full tang beauty is made out of AUS-8 black stainless steel and has a razor sharp blade. It features a texturized green hard rubber handle for a firm […]

M48 Apocalypse Hammer Walking Stick

M48 Apocalypse Hammer   Maybe strolling through the apocalypse with a spear or walking axe just isn’t your style. Maybe you’d rather have a giant tactical hammer on your side. Well fortunately United Cutlery has just the solution you’re looking for with their M48 Apocalypse hammer. The large walking stick style handle is bright neon […]

M48 Apocalypse Walking Axe – Zombie Apocalypse Walking Axe

M48 Apocalypse Walking Axe – Zombie Apocalypse Walking Axe   Enjoy the little things. Even during the zombie apocalypse you have to take time to smell the roses. Everyone enjoys a nice relaxing stroll through the woods. Whether you’re taking a hike or scavenging for for food and essentials in a supply run during the […]

Zombie Apocalypse Twin Sword Set With Sheath

Zombie Apocalypse Twin Sword Set With Sheath – $29.99 Everyone knows two is better than one. When that comes to the zombie apocalypse and the number of swords you have, it’s even more true. Two swords is always better than one when your fighting off hordes of flesh hungry undead.  An awesome looking and functional […]

M48 Zombie Apocalypse Karambit Knife

M48 Apocalypse Karambit Zombie Knife You’ll be ready to face the zombie apocalypse, or whatever else life throws your way, with the M48 Apocalypse Karambit from United Cutlery. This wicked curved knife looks less like a cutting tool and more like a razor sharp demon claw. It features a curved black coated 4″ long 7CR13 […]

M48 Zombie Apocalypse Spear

M48 Zombie Apocalypse Spear   When the zombies come you’ll need something other than guns. You’ll need some sharp shiny things. Some melee weapons will be your best friend. Something with a long enough reach that you don’t need to get near biters is your best bet. The M48 Zombie Apocalypse Spear from United Cutlery […]

The Walking Dead – Michonne Signature Edition Katana Prop Replica

The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Prop Replica   Michonne is a walker slaying beast with her katana. She loves the Katana so much she’s not afraid to sneak into the Governor’s lair to get it back. You’ve probably always wanted one just like it but that’s a The Walking Dead gift that just can’t be […]

Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit – $79.99 Our friends over at ThinkGeek have put together a pretty cool little zombie survival kit. This lightweight kit is perfect for having a few essentials to keep you alive in the wilderness when the zombies come! This kit comes with: One SOG Tactical Tomahawk – It’s 1.5 pounds of 420 stainless […]

M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk

M48 Apocalypse Series – $39.99   When it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse you need to use your brain or the undead will eat it. Firearms are great but they need to be used as a last resort. Not only will ammunition be scarce, but gunshots can attract a lot of unwanted attention. We’ll stick […]

Black Ronin Slimline Ninja Machete – Insurance on Z -Day!

Black Ronin Slimline Ninja Machete – $24.99 When the dead walk the earth you can’t rely on firearms. At some point you’ll need to be quiet, you’ll need to reload, or you’ll just plain be out of ammo and desperate to survive. That’s where items like the Black Ronin Slimline Ninja Machete come into play. Whether […]