Z-Hunter Blood Tipped Zombie Machete

Z-Hunter Zombie Mache Zombie Gift

Z-Hunter Blood Tipped Zombie Themed Machete

Give the zombie gift that keeps on giving with the Z-Hunter blood tipped zombie machete. Whether you’re looking for something unusual and functional or just a zombie gift that looks great on hanging on the wall, this is sure to get any undead fan’s blood pumping again.

This stunning zombie themed machete measures 27 and a half inches long and features a 15 1/2″ partial tang blade. The bright zombie green handle features simulated red blood (we’re assuming it’s from an unfortunate zombie) and a nylon cord wrap for comfort and grip. The gorgeous stainless steel blade is 4mm thick and 15.5 inches long. The sawback style blade features blood on the tips of the sawteeth on one side for a very cool look that is sure to turn heads.

This awesome zombie gift is a blood tipped z-hunter machete Zombie Gift: Z-Hunter machete with sheath

This attractive zombie tool comes with an attractive nylon sheath sporting the Z-Hunter logo.

If you’re looking for a unique and affordable zombie gift this is a great option. At the time we posted this product it is affordably priced and sure to please any zombie fanatic. At the affordable low price there really isn’t an excuse for not owning one . . . or two. How could would it be to dual wield these when the zombies come or just to freak out your neighbors while you’re doing some yard work. Click any of the images or the link above or just use the button below for more information and ordering details.

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