Come in We’re Dead Zombie Sign

We’ve got the perfect zombie sign to encourage shoppers, visitors or victims to wander into your place of business, home or office. Let everyone know you’re zombie friendly with this,

Come in We’re Dead Zombie Sign:

Come in we're Dead Zombie Gift Ideas


Place this plastic sign in your window or near your entrance to let everyone know you cater to zombie fans. This zombie sign makes a great Halloween decoration, haunted house entrance or sign for any fan of the undead.

This zombie gift measures approximately 19 inches tall by 16 inches wide. The green background looks similar to many street signs but the alteration to the standard “Come in We’re Open”  text is sure to grab everyone’s attention. This sign features the text, “Come in We’re Dead.” The word open has been replaced with an eerie red “DEAD” over top.  If you’re looking for some affordable and unique zombie signage this mght be just the answer.

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