Corpses ‘n’ Cream Zombie Ice Cream Man T-shirt

Zombie T-shirtCorpses ‘n’ Cream Zombie T-shirt


Somewhere in a parallel universe there’s a nice quiet zombie suburb. It’s full of zombie families with their undead children playing outside. Do  you hear that? That little jingle playing on the next street over? It’s the ice cream man! Well…the “Corpses ‘n’ Cream” man anyway. You see zombies don’t really like ice cream. What they do like is the the taste of human flesh and the  Corpses ‘n’ Cream man delivers.

He’s procured an ambulance and he’s delivering tasty human treats to all the neighborhood kids. He’s got tasty brains, limbs and organs for all the neighborhood kids!

This hilarious zombie design is available on 100% cotton t-shirts in a variety of styles in sizes small through 2XL. Mens and ladies fit are available. Not looking for a t-shirt? No problem! This design is available on hoodies, long sleeve shirts, baby onesies, messenger bags, posters, stickers and more.

For ordering information click the image/link above or the button below. This would make a unique and funny zombie gift for anyone.


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