Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Inspired Handmade Bleach Art T-Shirt

Charcoal Darl Dixon shirt

Charcoal Daryl Dixon shirt

Daryl Dixon on Black

Daryl Dixon on Black

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Daryl Dixon Bleach Art T-Shirt

Sick of all the same old Daryl Dixon T-shirts? Even though the internet is full of shirts honoring everyone’s favorite crossbow toting bad boy, at a certain point it’s all the same thing over and over again. That’s not the case with this awesome t-shirt.

This t-shirt shows Daryl Dixon holding a crossbow behind an unlucky walker head lying face down with a crossbow bolt through his head.

This Daryl Dixon inspired bleach art t-shirt is made by hand. Each shirt is individually made so no two will be exactly alike. Although the basic design layout will be the same, each shirt will have it’s own unique differences. The positioning, spatters, and even the shade and brightness of the design will vary from shirt to shirt.

This design is done on a 100% cotton, name brand t-shirt. After the art is done each t-shirt is chemically neutralized and washed in hypoallergenic laundry detergent free of dyes and perfume.

This t-shirt is a unisex fit available in small, medium, large, XL and 2XL.  Color choices are Black, Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Fatigue Green, Navy Blue, and Cardinal Red. The design typically looks best on the darker colors: black, Charcoal and Chocolate.



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