Daryl Dixon Walker Ear Necklace Zombie Ear Necklace Prop Replica

Daryl Dixon Walker Ears Display Case
Daryl Dixon Walker Ears Necklace Trophy Case
Closeup photo of Walker Ear Zombie Ear Necklace - Ears on String necklace
Zoomed in closeup view of Norman Reedus autograph reproduction shown in display case

Gentle Giant Daryl Dixon Walker Ear Necklace – Prop Replica


Gentle Giant, Ltd. is known for their amazing Walking Dead mini-busts and more recently, their prop replicas. They continue their officially licensed Walking Dead success with this amazing Daryl Dixon Zombie Ear Necklace Trophy Case.

During his hunt for the missing Sophia, Daryl Dixon nearly meets his end. He emerges from the woods a little worse for the wear, wearing a necklace of zombie ears. Walking Dead collectors can now own an official prop replica of Daryl’s Zombie ear necklace that is crafted with a level of amazing detail which only Gentle Giant is capable of. The Zombie Ear necklace prop replica is created using a digital scan and sculpt process using the actual prop itself as the basis. Created at a 1:1 scale this prop replica is even mounted in an awesome museum quality black and blood-stained shadow box. Each prop will be individually numbered and features a replica of Norman Reedus’s Autograph. The edition size for this Walking Dead collectible has yet to be determined.

Originally priced at $99.00, this is a must have for any serious Daryl Dixon, Norman Reedus, or Walking Dead fan.

UPDATE: This product went on pre-order back in 2013 and was released around the second quarter of 2014. The original price tag was around $100. This The Walking Dead collectible was produced in limited quantities and to our knowledge has never been re-run or reissued. Current prices for this product vary widely. Some resellers selling brand new ask a price tag one and a half to three times the original.  If you’re looking to obtain this The Walking Dead collectible more affordably we’d suggest a private seller. This wasn’t the most popular release with fans so with some luck you may score a factory packed original at a discount.  We’ve seen new and pre-owned examples, both with and without the original packaging, going for much less than the original sale price on ebay. View current ebay search results here.


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