Dead Panic Zombie Board Game

Dead Panic Board Game

Dead Panic Board Game Zombie Board Game

Dead Panic – Zombie Board Game


You love your family and friends, but let’s be honest . . . game night can be boring. Sometimes you need to spice things up with a good zombie board game. Dead Panic is the perfect answer. Dead panic is a cooperative board game that is sure to put your zombie apocalypse team to the test. Choose a playable character and team up in a remote cabin in the woods. The cabin, located in the center of the woods, will be attacked by waves of the undead that close in from the outer edges of the game board. Ranged weapons will allow players to attack from a distance. If the zombies are able to break through the cabin walls, you’ll need to fight them off in hand to hand combat against the undead.

Although supplies are limited, you can scavenge items from the cabin to give you a slight advantage. If you’re able to hang on and survive long enough, survivors will bring pieces of a radio to call for a rescue. Once help arrives each character has to leave the cabin and make it out alive.

This fun and fast paced zombie board game for 2 to 6 players. This zombie game offers tense, thrilling and streamlined gameplay to keep players engaged and in the action.

Unique character abilities keep things interesting and offers high replayabilitiy. Think your out of the action when your dead? Think again. Characters who die return as zombies and continue playing by hunting down and trying to eat their former teammates.

Dead Panic is recommended for ages 13 and up and supports 2 to 6 players. Routine play time is about 90 minutes. For more details or ordering information, click the image or links above, or use the resources below.

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