Dickies Zombie Backpack

This Dickies zombie backpack is made by Dickies so you know it is going to be durable and reliable. Those are two desirable qualities when it comes to the apocalypse or every day life.  This bag is ready to handle whatever life, or the undead, throw its way.

Dickies Zombie Backpack

Dickies Zombie Backpack Bag

It features an all over zombie print, a zippered front pouch and comfortable and adjustable padded shoulder straps. This zombie backpack measures about 16″ x 12″ x 5″ and is the perfect way to pack up for school, or Z-Day!


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DISCONTINUED: As most visitors are aware we’re a zombie gift and collectible archive. Not all products survive the test of time.  Unfortunately, this zombie product has been discontinued. We first featured this amazing backpack back in the summer of 2012. Back then, the links here took you to retailers selling this item new.  Unfortunately, this product is no longer available. While finding it new may be next to impossible, you may have some luck finding it via third party resellers etc. The links and resources here will help you find this, or similar products. This particular item is no longer available but you can browse many of the non-zombie Dickies backpacks on their website.



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