Emergency Inflatable Brain

When you’re cornered by the undead you have few options. The emergency inflatable brain may be just the answer. Pop open the tin, inflate the brain decoy, toss and run!

Emergency Inflatable Brain

Emergency inflatable brain zombie gift

When the zombie apocalypse goes down you may need a backup plan or two.  A well placed brain toss might just get you out of trouble.  Carrying around a spare human brain or two doesn’t make you a fan with other survivors.  (They tend to be curious about where you acquired them. ) Carrying around a spare human brain is also ill advised because  the scent of exposed human cerebrum is more than a little enticing to zombies.

Have no fear! The emergency inflatable brain is here to save your rear. Granted, throwing a brain decoy one direction while you run away to safety might not sound so heroic, but when the dead walk the earth ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

This emergency inflatable brain is a great way to make a clean get away or give yourself those precious few extra seconds to reload. It is also a great way to let your less than intelligent co-workers, relatives, and acquaintances know that you sometimes doubt their intelligence.

This great zombie gag gift is a vinyl inflatable brain that measures about 6″ x 4″ x 3.5″ when fully inflated. It comes in a metal tin for safe storage.  The tin measures about   3.75″ x 2.625″ x 1″.

Thanks to the reasonable cost, you can definitely afford to throw a couple of these in your zombie survival kit.

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