Evil Eye Twin Zombie Head Wall Sculpture

Evil Eye Twin Zombie Head Sculpture Zombie Gift

Evil Eye Twin Zombie Wall Sculpture

If you’re looking to turn heads for Halloween or any time of year we’ve got the perfect wall art for the job. This “Evil Eye Twin Zombie” wall sculpture is sure to horrify and captivate anyone that walks by.  This gruesome zombie gift features insane detail and depicts a disgusting zombie head with an equally disgusting miniature zombie twin embedded in his right eye. The littler brother sure is trying to exert dominance over his bigger sibling. The little zombie’s hand can be seen pulling hard at the severed zombie head’s upper lip.  This zombie gift is constructed of durable high quality designer resin and measures approximately seven inches wide by five inches deep by 12 inches high. The entire work of zombie art weighs about 3 pounds and includes a keyhole mount on the back for safe and secure mounting.

As if the mini zombie conjoined twin poking out of the zombie’s right eye isn’t gross enough, the entire sculpture looks like a bloody and torn zombie head eerily floating on the wall.  Whether you need something to dress up the inside or outside of your home  or the perfect zombie gift for the collector that has everything, this is an ideal solution.

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