Gruesome Foursome – 4 Zombie Mini Statues With Signs

Need a way to add some zombie fun to your home or office without taking up a ton of precious space? The Gruesome Foursome is here to save the day! This set of 4 zombie mini statues is the perfect solution!


Gruesome Foursome Zombie Mini Statues Zombie Gifts


Gruesome Foursome Zombie Mini Statues With Signs

This set of four zombie mini statues makes an ideal zombie gift. Each set consists of four individual figurines each holding a unique humorous sign.  One zombie figure has a noose around his neck. His sign reads, “Hang Loose.” Another zombie holds a sign with the phrase “I ♥ Zombies” on a sign. The third gross and gruesome zombie holds a sign that used to read, “Eat Fresh.” Someone has corrected it for zombies by painting the letter “L” over the “R” in “Fresh” so the sign now reads “EAT FLESH.” Last, but not least, a zombie holds a sign with the slogan, “GOT BRAINS?” painted on it. The comical part is this zombie doesn’t because he’s clearly missing the brain out of his skull.

Gruesome Foursome Zombie Mini Statue

Each of these zombie mini statues measures approximately four inches in height. They’re constructed out of durable resin and each one is hand painted with great detail. These little undead guys are the perfect combination of gross, cute and scary. They’re affordable, adorable and sure to be a hit with zombie fans young and old alike.

Gruesome Foursome Zombie Mini Statues

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