Gummy Brain Candy

Gummy Brain

Gummy Brain
┬áZombie Candy – $9.99


This gummy brain is the perfect way for the modern zombie to get that brain eating sensation without all of the hassle of hunting done a fast moving human. It’s also the perfect treat for the wanna-be zombie humans who don’t have the stomach to crack open a skull and eat some authentic human brains. Whether zombie or human, if you can’t have real brains for a snack this is the next best thing.

This gummy brain candy is actually delicious strawberry flavored candy. It comes in two parts, a top and bottom. If the brain isn’t gross enough for you feel free to dribble on some of the cherry flavored candy blood that is included with your purchase! The best part is, it’s all packaged like meat from grocery store for added gross factor.

This affordable zombie gift is the perfect finishing touch for a zombie costume. It makes an ideal zombie gift for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween or any other day you want to eat some braaaaaiiiiins!

For $9.99 you get two gummy brain halves and a vial of candy blood.

Net Wt. / Size:
Brain: 7oz – approx. 3.75″ x 3″ x 0.7″
Blood Vial: 0.20 oz – approx. 4.25″ long


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