Herr Burkhart Dead Reich 1/4 Scale Zombie Bust







Herr Burkhart Dead Reich Zombie 1/4 Scale Bust – $79.95

This statue, Herr Burkhart,  is the first in Dead Reich, a new series of zombie busts from Quarantine Studio.  This 1/4 scale zombie statue is created with stunning detail and an unbelievable hand-painted finish.  This zombie statue measures about 8 – 1/4″ tall.    Of course a gorgeous zombie statue like this doesn’t come without an equally cool and detailed back story:

Herr Burkhart’s final war cry was cut short by an allied sniper on the Western Front. He died among his fallen comrades, a final death rattle escaping his gaping mouth as explosions and smoke filled the air. A mysterious series of events more than half a century later have breathed life back into his rotten carcass as the first among a resurrected army soon to once again unleash Hell on earth!

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