Herr Burkhart Dead Reich 1/4 Scale Zombie Bust







Herr Burkhart Dead Reich Zombie 1/4 Scale Bust – $79.95

This statue, Herr Burkhart,  is the first in Dead Reich, a new series of zombie busts from Quarantine Studio.  This 1/4 scale zombie statue is created with stunning detail and an unbelievable hand-painted finish.  This zombie statue measures about 8 – 1/4″ tall.    Of course a gorgeous zombie statue like this doesn’t come without an equally cool and detailed back story:

Herr Burkhart’s final war cry was cut short by an allied sniper on the Western Front. He died among his fallen comrades, a final death rattle escaping his gaping mouth as explosions and smoke filled the air. A mysterious series of events more than half a century later have breathed life back into his rotten carcass as the first among a resurrected army soon to once again unleash Hell on earth!


We first posted this amazingly detailed bust on our site back in April of 2013. To the best of our knowledge this bust, and the series itself, was a limited edition which is no longer being made. Your best bet for finding it will likely be purchasing from a private party. We’ve assembled some links, such as the button below, to help get you started.


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    • Draven,
      As far as we know, this bust was part of a limited edition series from Quarantine Studios. To our knowledge it is discontinued and is not readily available via any retailer at this point. Your best bet for making this part of your collection is to find a private party or collector selling one. We’ve updated the post to reflect this. Furthermore, all links within the listing now help visitors by linking directly to any current ebay listings for this and similar products.

      Thanks and good luck!


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