Hunter – Daryl Dixon Inspired Zombie T-Shirt


Hunter – Daryl Dixon Inspired Zombie T-Shirt


Daryl Dixon is a true hunter. If it’s not squirrels then he’s hunting down and deftly eliminating the undead. This hunter has inspired a very cool t-shirt. While this isn’t officially titled a Daryl Dixon t-shirt, we don’t know too many other hunting knife toting, crossbow wielding sleeveless bad boys.

This shirt features Daryl standing over a zombie with a crossbow bolt through his skull. A zombie horde lurks behind him. With their red eyes staring you can almost feel them inching closer and closer.  The lovely red and blue tones on this zombie t-shirt design only makes it that much cooler!

This Daryl Dixon inspired zombie t-shirt is available in unisex, ladies fit and even oversize sizes.  Pricing is very reasonable, making this an affordable and unique zombie gift suitable for any budget.


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