I Love (Heart) Brains Zombie Gloves

I Heart Brains Gloves – $9.95


The Zombie apocalypse may not come during warm weather. It may go down on a chilly autumn evening, a cold desert night, or a freezing frosty morning in mid January. The point is you need to keep those fingers warm and flexible. Squeezing the trigger is more difficult with frozen and numb fingers.

Have no fear! The folks at Sourpuss have made these awesome I Heart Brains gloves. These 2 black gloves feature pictures of brains and when placed together they feature the text “I (Heart) Love Brains” in cool neon green zombie style writing on the knuckle area.

These gloves are an Acrylic/Spandex blend and they measure about  4-3/4″ x 6″. One size fits most.

These zombie gloves, priced under $10.00 make an affordable zombie gift.


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