Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler Decoration

Need to put the finishing touch on your Halloween decorations. Looking for that perfect functional decoration for you zombie themed party? This awesome inflatable zombie drink cooler could be it. It is sure to be the talk of your guests!

Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler

Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler and Decoration

This scary and hilarious inflatable drink cooler looks just like a zombie rising out of a coffin. Set up couldn’t be any easier. Simply inflate this zombie gift and fill the bottom of the coffin with ice. Your drinks will stay cold for hours and the melted ice remains contained by the cooler.

Of course you don’t have to use this as a cooler if you don’t want to. Let your creativity and imagination conjure up fun new uses for this product beyond its intended purpose.  Fill it with toys, candy, and more! Thanks to the durable PVC construction, this thick and durable inflatable zombie drink cooler is made to to last. As a result, it can be used again and again. Once you’re done with it, deflate and carefully store until your ready to use it again!

Zombie Drink Cooler Empty


Worried about size? Don’t be. The large party size ensures you have enough space for drinks and more. Once fully inflated, this product measures approximately 26″x 24″ x 38″.

Enough about function. Let’s talk about how great this product looks. The highlight of this product is definitely the zombie himself. This undead party-goer is a near perfect combination of funny and scary. He’s missing most of his scalp and his exposed brain is sure to bring a smile to many. The flesh on one of his arms is completely decomposed down to the bone. To make matters worse, his hand is missing. The other arm isn’t far behind but at least he still has his hand!

This re-animated corpse is rising from his purple coffee shaped grave with headstone. The coffin features a gravestone and some fun zombie graphics to complete the look. This zombie gift is the final touch for Halloween or any zombie themed event!

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