Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Women’s Fugg Boots

I have to admit as a guy I’ve never been a big fan of women wearing a certain style of boots. Ugg-style boots have never really been a personal favorite. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a woman, like them and they’re comfortable then more power to you. I’m certainly not judging. My outlook on this style of boot has changed a little since I came across these Women’s “Zombie Stomper” Fugg boots from Iron Fist. If a woman approached me wearing these I couldn’t help but know she’s cool! A zombie chick that isn’t afraid to show it? Hot!

These amazingly unique women’s zombie boots feature a green zombie print, 100% synthetic vegan construction, and even a cute black bow on the side used to hold them closed.

These zombie boots are sure to make a unique zombie gift for that special zombie woman in your life!

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