Just Look at the Flowers – “Lizzie’s Babysitting” Walking Dead Baby Ladies Fit T-shirt

Lizzie's Babysitting Walking Dead T-shirt

“Just Look at the Flowers”: T-shirt Design Detail:
Lizzie’s Babysitting Walking Dead “Just Look at the Flowers T-shirt”Lizzie's Baby Sitting T-Shirt Design

It’s been said little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Unfortunately not all little girls are created equally, especially when they’re molded and raised in a world where the dead walk the earth. A post zombie apocalyptic world can bring grown men to their knees, so it should come as no surprise that it might create damaged goods out of impressionable children. Take Lizzie, from The Walking Dead for example. SPOILER ALERT! (If you haven’t seen season 4, “The Grove” you might want to check out on this one. For the rest of you. . . we can all agree Lizzie was a little off. She was a nice enough little girl, but she’s not someone you’d want to babysit or care for your pets while you’re away on vacation. God forbid you don’t have any flowers for her to stare at if she starts to lose it.

Lizzie would rather play tag with the undead then deal with the living. In some ways we can’t blame her. In other ways we know she was just a ticking time bomb that had to be eliminated. Fortunately Carol had the courage to do what must be done…but not before Lizzie could do some real damage and start her own babysitting service!?

This hilarious Walking Dead t-shirt pokes fun of the whole Lizzie situation. This Walking Dead zombie t-shirt features the phrase “Lizzie’s Babysitting” above some blood spattered daisies with the words “They always come back” printed below. There’s also a subtle AMC Walking Dead logo at the bottom so you know this is all official and stuff. It’s all done in a very cool halftone dot style print for extra awesomeness. This one is a ThinkGeek exclusive so get yours today! This t-shirt is available in juniors sizes small through 2X.

Priced under $20, this makes a great affordable zombie walking dead gift idea.

Product Availability Update: Due to the age of this product it is becoming increasingly hard to find. You can still find it available new but as we get further and further from The Walking Dead Season 4, the availability of this fun t-shirt is become more scarce. The links here will now take you to ebay search results which are currently you’re best bet if you’re looking to score this shirt.

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