Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombie Mob Playset

Call of Duty Zombie Mob Playset


Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombies Horde Playset

 Relive your favorite Call of Duty zombies video game moments offline with this awesome Call of Duty Zombies playset from Mega Bloks. Inspired by the Call of Duty map “Mob of the Dead” this set features 6 zombie mini-figures and accessories such as a tire, pick axe, shovel and leaning electrical pole. Priced around $15.00 at the time of release, this is the perfect gift for any COD Zombies fan!

This item is also referred to as Call of Duty Zombies “Zombie Horde” Set #06826.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is becoming increasingly difficult to find new. Due to the collectible nature and the age of this zombie product it may become unavailable in the near future. The approximate release date for this product was back in February 2014.  The links and resourced provided here should help you locate one of these popular Call of Duty zombies playsets.

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