Mutant Zombie Silicone Swimming Cap

Tyr Zombie Silicone Swim Cap Fl. Green

Zombies aren’t very agile swimmers. When the walking dead roam the earth you may want to take to the water to make your getaway. When that happens you’ll want to keep your hair dry and maintain a nice hydrodynamic shape for little resistance and increased speed. This silicone swim cap is the perfect solution. It also makes a great zombie gift for the zombie fan who just so happens to be on the swim team.

This silicone swim cap from Tyr is bright fluorescent green. It features a hot pink zombie design with the words “Mutant Zombie”. The top corner of the swim cap is designed to look like it is peeling away to show some exposed brains.

Admit it….this is one of the coolest swim caps you’ve ever laid eyes on!


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