My First Zombie Apocalypse Shirt

Everyone remembers their first time: commemorate yours with this stunning “My First Zombie Apocalypse Shirt.” This beautiful retro inspired t-shirt is a must for any fan of the undead genre and the amazing 1980s! Created by talented Australian Graphic Artist Steven Rhodes, this zombie gift is sure to turn heads and start conversations.

First Zombie Apocalypse T-shirt Design on black shirt

The design brings back memories of hours spent reading Choose Your Own Adventure® books as a child. The illustration looks like one of those book covers. It depicts three children. One has a chainsaw, one a blade and the other wields a baseball bat. Each weapon is bloody and battle worn. Clearly these kids are doing a bang up job surviving their first zombie apocalypse!

They may not be out of the woods just yet though. Undead corpses and hands rise from the ground. The mangled and tattered cadavers reach out in desperation. The trio is surrounded and it doesn’t look good. If you think the trio should run, turn to page 94. If they should stand their ground and fight it out, turn to page 18.

This fun My First Zombie Apocalypse T-shirt is available in a wide variety of shirt types, fits and colors. We’ve assembled a list of links below. The first is probably our favorite retailer for these. Why? You can choose men or women’s fit in at least 6 different t-shirt styles in sizes up to 5XL for men. There are dozens of t-shirt color choices. Prefer this design on a hoodie, mug, kids shirt, sticker or something else? Not a problem! Check out all of the options below. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to support this independent artist by grabbing this awesome design on a product or two! Don’t like this design? Check out all the great zombie t-shirts we have featured on the site over the years.

Where to Buy:

• TeePublic

• RedBubble

Neatoshop (available in sizes up to 10XL)

Did you know?

Did you know Choose Your Own Adventure® books are still around? I grew up reading these as a kid and I absolutely loved them. While doing some research for this product post, I was pretty stoked to learn they are still being made today! The ability to choose your own fate kept me engaged and coming back for more. These books have an amazing ability to turn reluctant readers into ravenous little bookworms.

They even have a couple of recent zombie based books! Check out Choose Your Own Adventure® #34: “Zombie Penpal” and “Your Grandarents are Zombies!” Check out even more available on Amazon:

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