Nanoblock Zombie Figure

This Nanoblock Zombie Figure (NBC-316) is part of the Kawada Nanoblock “Monster Series.” Build this awesome undead construction set and hold a pixelated shuffling zombie in the palm of your hand. When fully assembled using the 150 piece set , the figure stands approximately 3 inches tall. Detailed assembly instructions are provided.

Closeup enlarged view of a fully assembled Nanoblock zombie figure.

This building block set helps you create an adorable zombie figure. Yes. We said adorable. Sure his gray skin is a bit pale. Yes. He has torn and tattered pants and a pretty large head wound and some gnarly decomposing details. Those are all just more reasons to want this amazing zombie collectible. This one will look great on your desk, shelf or wherever you choose to display your Nanoblock zombie figure.

Nanoblocks sets are rated on a difficulty scale of 1 to 5. One is the easiest. Level 5 is the most challenging. This figure is rated at a level 2 or 3 and is intended for ages twelve years old and up.

These figures come in a bag. Review common packaging below, but please note product packaging can and does change over time.

Product packaging: A bag with an image of the the assembled toy and a clear window displaying some of the 150 pieces inside.

Why stop with this figure? Why not grab all tOther figures in the monster series include:

  • Witch (NBC-314)
  • Vampire (NB-315)
  • Mummy (NBC-317)
  • Werewolf (NBC-318)
  • Frankenstein’s Monster

What are Nanoblocks? Known as the original micro-sized building block! These tiny building block construction sets are manufactured in Japan. They originally launched in 2008. Composed of blocks that can be as small as 4 mm x 4mm x 5mm, these tiny building blocks pack giant fun. Follow the instructions or make your own creations. Create beautiful works of art, adorable toys and more. They’re fun to make, fun to decorate and fun to collect!

Where to Buy:

Looking to purchase one of these amazing and affordable zombie toys? These adorable Japanese items are readily available in the United States and across the globe. The links and resources (which may be affiliate links) on this page will help you make one your very own.

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