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Welcome to the giveaway archive. Here you will find all the undead zombie giveaways and promotions we’ve run in the past. These have been finished and the prizes have been delivered.

We run hordes of giveaways, so this page might just take a while to load. If you’re still running on your mom and dad’s 56k dialup connection you might want to upgrade.

Whatcha’ wasting your time here for anyway? You could be doing something useful like browsing for zombie gifts or entering all of our current zombie giveaways. Stop living in the past!

They’re dead Jim! They’ve all been double tapped, bagged and tagged but I’d still be careful. After all nothing is ever TRULY dead around here is it?

Past Giveaways:

Enter to Win a $50.00 Gift Certificate from! $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway Zombie Giveaway Give Away


Win an Autographed Copy of The Burning Z by Clive Riddle!

The Burning Z Zombie Book Giveaway


Walking Dead T-Shirt Giveaway sponsored by LeRageshirts:




Zombie Giveaway #1:  


#OctoberOutbreak October Outbreak Zombie Giveaway

This giveaway is for one great zombie prize pack consisting of an  orange “Zombie Killer” T-shirt (Size Large) and a copy of the hilarious zombie movie,  ZombieLand on Blu-ray. This giveaway entry period is open from 10/13 to 12:00 am EST on 11/2/2013. a Rafflecopter giveaway

10/16/2013 – Giveaway #2:

Zombie Giveaway Win a Free Ceramic Zombie Head Coffee Mug and Zombie Finger Candy Enter to win the gorgeous ceramic zombie head coffee mug and a 4 pack of sour apple flavored  Zombie Lollipop fingers candy treats. This zombie giveaway entry period is open until 12:00 am EST on 11/2/2013. a Rafflecopter giveaway

10/22/2013 – Giveaway #3:  Free Zombie T-Shirt and Zombie Snacks

#OctoberOutbreak Zombie Giveaway #3 Enter to win a free Zombie t-shirt and awesome zombie themed snacks. One lucky zombie winner will score a “Zombies Want Brains. You’re Safe” t-shirt. This zombie t-shirt is an XL size, which you might need after devouring the included zombie fingers candy suckers and “zombie sticks” Slim Jims! This giveaway entry form is open for entries until 12:00 am EST on Wed. 11/6/2013. a Rafflecopter giveaway


10/26/2013 – Zombie Giveaway #4: Zombie Head Coffee Mug and Undead Fred Zombie Cookie Cutters

#OctoberOutbreak Zombie Giveaway #4 Enter to win a ceramic Zombie Head Coffee Mug as well as a set of 3 Undead Fred Zombie Cookie Cutters! This giveaway entry period is open until 12:00 am EST on 11/10/2013. a Rafflecopter giveaway

10-27-2013 – Zombie Giveaway #5

#OctoberOutbreak Zombie Giveaway #5 Zombie Giveaway Free Zombie Toys Here’s a giveaway great for those with kids.  We put together this fun little zombie giveaway. One lucky zombie fan will win this zombie prize pack that includes:

    • 1 large Zombie Marshmallow on a sitck


  • 2 packs of Zombie fingers sour apple flavored candy suckers



  • 3 zombies that grow in water



  • 1 pack of “Zombie Zone” caution tape



  • 1“Bowling Zombies” wooden table top zombie bowling toy game



Enter using the entry form below. This zombie giveaway entry period is open  until 12:00 am EST on 11/11/13. a Rafflecopter giveaway

World War Z Target Exclusive Blu-Ray Giveaway

Zombie giveaway World War Z Giveaway

Enter to win one of 2 copies of the Target Exclusive Limited Edition World War Z Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack with limited edition art book! We’re giving away one copy to a randomly chosen giveaway form entrant and the other copy will be be given away to a lucky randomly chosen subscriber of the free email newsletter. Enter using the form above. You’re also automatically entered for a chance to win the other copy just by being a email newsletter subscriber. WORLD WAR Z GIVEAWAY RESULTS UPDATE: 9/30/2013 – 8:00 am EST A winning entry has been randomly chosen and awaiting confirmation. KAYLA C. has just 3 days to respond to our winner notification email. If for some reason we don’t receive a response we’ll move on and choose another winner so keep hope alive! We’ll keep you posted. Zombie T-Shirt Giveaway:



 Giveaway Results Update – 8/24/2013

The random winners have been selected and will be contacted shortly. Here are the results thus far:

1. Scott M. – Winning random entry was disqualified. This entry claimed to be a follower of @ZombieGifts on twitter but failed to provide the information needed to verify the entry.

2. Karen Y. – This winning entry has been verified and the winner will be contacted via email.

3. Tim T. – This winning randomly selected entry has been verified. Tim will be contacted via email.
If either Karen or Tim fail to respond to the winner notification email within the allotted time we’ll choose another winner.

BUDK Zombie Survival Sweepstakes:

Enter to win an awesome zombie survival sweepstakes prize pack that includes:

  • 1- M48 Apocalypse Tomahawk
  • 1- Avalanche Cobra Crossbow
  • A Sweet Prize Pack From
  • Some Awesome Zombie Swag from
  • A Cool Custom Etched Zombie Beer Mug and other zombie goodies from your undead friends right here at

This giveaway is being sponsored and run by our friends at

By entering this sweepstakes you acknowledge you are subscribing to the BUDK mailing list.

Win a zombie prize pack from Bombshell Kitty!


We’re giving away an awesome handmade zombie prize pack consisting of a Pride, Prejudice and Zombies ornament along with a pair of zombie bottle cap earrings thanks to Bombshell Kitty! Enter for a chance to win using the entry widget above. For complete details see the official giveaway blog post located here:


Win an autographed copy of Colin M. Drysdale’s For Those in Peril on the Sea!


We’re giving away 3 autographed copies of Colin M. Drysdale’s zombie novel, For Those in Peril on the Sea. These are special matte cover editions only available in the UK version. (The U.S. version has a glossy cover.) Enter using the widget above. For complete details see the official giveaway blog post: Giveaway entry period for round 3 ends at 12:00 am EST on 6/30/2013.


Round 3 Giveaway Results Update: The initial randomly chosen winner was disqualified for not playing by the rules.  The second randomly drawn name was Morgan M. who HAS been verified. Congrats Morgan!

Round 2 Giveaway Results Update(s): Sat. 6/15/2013: A random winner was chosen and is currently awaiting verification. If you’re Susan with initials S.S.D. you should check your email for our winner notification email! 6/17/203: Susan S.D. has claimed her prize. Congrats Susan!

Round 1 Giveaway Results Update(s): Wed. 6/5/2013: A random winner was chosen but unfortunately their entry could not be verified. (Their entry says they completed an action which they did not perform) Wed. 6/5/2013: Another random winner was chosen but this winner has recently won a giveaway within the last 30 days. Wed. 6/5/2013: A third random name was chosen. If your name is Lenny G. you should definitely check your email! If Lenny doesn’t respond to the winner notification email within 72 hrs. we’ll choose another winner. Wed. 6/5/2012: Winner has been confirmed. Congrats Lenny G. This giveaway round is now closed but we still have 2 more copies to give away!



bulls i toy walking dead dog tag giveaway


We’re giving away a free “Zombies Want Brains T-Shirt! Read all the details in the official blog post!

Enter using the entry form below:

T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY RESULTS UPDATE: Sunday 5/19/2013: A random winner was chosen: Shena M. Wed. 5/22/2013: Unfortunately Shena didn’t respond to our notification emails. We’ve randomly selected an alternate winner: Laura C. you’re up! If you’re a Laura with a last name that starts with C. check the email address you provided with your entry. Wed. 5/22/2013: The alternate winner, Laura C., has responded to our notification email and has claimed her prize. Congrats Laura! This giveaway is now complete. Thanks for playing everyone! The Walking Dead Dog Tag Giveaway Sponsored By Bulls i Toy The-Walking-Dead-Dog-Tag-Giveaway

d-rick-grimes-stuff-and-things-zombie-gift We’re giving away zombie “Stuff” and “Things”!!! Read all the details in the official blog post!

a Rafflecopter giveawayArsenic & Honey T-Shirt Giveaway!:


T-Shirt Giveaway!



1,500 “Likes/Followers” Giveaway! Please note: There is a specific giveaway end date listed in the widget but that is NOT necessarily the date the giveaway will end. It’s simply the date the form will automatically close if we don’t extend the time. The giveaway will be closed for entries as soon as we verify we have 1,500 likes on our facebook page and 1,500 Twitter followers. That may be before the giveaway end date shown. We will extend the entry period timeframe if need be. Please note if you’re already a twitter follower or facebook fan you still get the entries but it’s NOT automatic. Each giveaway you you MUST do something to claim them. First click the down arrow next to the entry and then click the green “I’m a Fan” or “I Follow” button in the bottom right corner of that entry to officially claim your entry!

Etched “Zombie Killer” Machete Giveaway: To celebrate 500 likes on our facebook page we’re giving away one of our etched “zombie killer” machetes! This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. ages 18 and up ONLY. By entering this giveaway you agree this machete will not be used for any unlawful purpose as defined by applicable local, county, state, and federal laws. By entering you also agree you are 18 years of age or older and are permitted to possess, carry and use this product pursuant to all applicable local, county, state, and federal laws.















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