Pushing Up Daisies Zombie Gnome

 Pushing Up Daisies Zombie Gnome in Flower PotZombie Garden Gnome Pushing Daisies Flower Pot


Looking for a totally unique zombie gift idea?  This handmade “Pushing Up Daisies” zombie gnome just might be the perfect solution.  This gorgeous and gruesome zombie gift features an adorably gross zombie garden gnome pushing his way up out of the fake soil in a custom terracotta flower pot.

The resin zombie gnome reaches up from the ground beneath a lovely fake flower.  This handmade undead awesomeness is contained in an equally amazing 4.5 inch tall flower pot.  The terracotta pot features a laser engraved bio-hazard logo to let everyone know to keep their distance.

This fun handmade zombie gift is as functional as it is stylish.  The top is removable to allow access to the inside of the pot.  You can safely store small items such as keys, coins, paperclips, extra ammo and more. Whatever it takes to get you through the day can be discretely stashed inside your zombie flower pot!

The zombie and flower pot measure approximately 7 inches tall without the flower. For additional information, pricing and ordering information click the images or link above or the button below.


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Zombie Garden Gnome Pushing Up Daisies

Zombie Garden Gnome Flower Pot

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