Sidestepping Zombie Gnome

Animated Sidestepping Zombie Gnome

Animated Sidestepping zombie gnome decoration zombie gift

If you’re looking to put the perfect finishing touch on your covered outdoor garden, porch or patio we’ve got the perfect solution. Of course, this zombie gift is also ideal for use as a Halloween decoration or just every day use around the house. This animated sidestepping zombie gnome decoration makes the perfect zombie gift idea!

animated side stepping zombie gnomeanimated sidestepping zombie gnome decoration

This little zombie gnome stands approximately 11.42″ tall by 3.94″ by 5.12″. This battery powered gnome runs off of 3 AA batteries that provide juice to lights, sounds and motion. ┬áPress the button and the LED eyes light up, groaning sounds play and the sidestepping zombie gnome walks sideways. See the YouTube video below to watch this sidestepper zombie gnome in action.

Primarily constructed of plastic, this zombie gnome also features a faux beard, cloth clothing and plenty of animated zombie action. Click the images or link above, or use the button below for additional details and current pricing and availability for this zombie gift.

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