Smoldering Zombie Life size Animated Prop


Smoldering Zombie Animated Prop

If you’ve been looking for the perfect zombie prop to add some sizzle to your Halloween party we’ve got just the answer. Even if you just want to turn up the heat with your zombie themed home decorations we think this smoking hot zombie prop would fit right in. If you’ve got a couple hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket THIS is the zombie gift sure to turn heads for years to come. Are you tired of heat and flame related puns yet? 😉

In all seriousness this is one of the coolest (heh-heh) zombie props we’ve seen in a long time. This animated lifesize zombie has clearly wandered too close to a campfire or other heat source and has managed to come out on the winining end. Sure he’s a bit worse for the wear but such is the life of a zombie. The import thing is you put one foof in front of the other (sort of) and keep on shuffling toward your next meal. You can do it!

smoldering zombie Halloween prop


This zombie statue measures 6 feet tall and features burnt and blackened skin, burnt bloody clothing and other gruesome details. That’s awesome enough, but the real action goes down when someone triggers the IR sensor. When it senses someone too close this gorgeous animated prop comes to life as his arms reach for his victim. The cracked veiny areas of his skin glow with an angry fiery red ember hue and his eyes shine with an evil and demented glow. Of course, looks are never enough when it comes to awesome zombie props and this one delivers true horror with its gutteral and tormenting groans and growls. Check out the video below to see the smoldering zombie in action.


Right out of the box this thing is simply amazing. Maybe one of the reasons is it reminds us so much of a “charred walker” from The Walking Dead. Of course if you’re willing to spend a little more money and do a little more work this thing can be made even more realistic. It is compatible with a fog or smoke machine which adds an amazing touch and makes it look like this walker is still smoking after strolling through the flames. Combine this effect with some colored lighting and you’ll terrify the neighborhood with realism.

This lifesize zombie prop measures approximately 72″ tall by 30″ deep by 25″ wide. It includes a 1000MA 6 Volt A/C wall power adapter and the entire unit weighs in at just around 15.4 pounds. This zombie gift is also compatible with a step pad and adapter if you’d like ot use it that way.

This item is a Spirit Halloween exclusive. Click the images or link above or the button below for additional information and purchasing details.

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