The Hawking Dead Zombie T-Shirt

This would probably be the smartest zombie you’d ever encounter! Get your very own The Hawking Dead zombie Stephen Hawking t-shirt.

Hawking Dead
The Hawking Dead zombie stephen hawking t-shirt

The Hawking Dead Zombie T-Shirt


At first we weren’t going to post this zombie t-shirt because we feared it might border on poor taste. In the end we decided it’s just too darn clever not to share. We know Stephen Hawking is a brilliant man with a fantastic sense of humor so why not?

This zombie t-shirt features a likeness of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking in zombie form. It includes a “The Hawking Dead” logo at the bottom of the design. This zombie tee is available in both unisex/men’s fit and ladies fit in sizes small through 2XL. If you need something a little larger they’re available all the way to 6XL. Color choices include white or ash grey.

The affordable pricing makes this a great zombie gift idea.  If you’re looking for a unique and funny zombie t-shirt, look no further!

We posted this shirt back in August of 2013, about 5 years prior to the death of Stephen Hawking on March 14th, 2018. We revisited the the idea of removing this shirt design when he passed away. Ultimately, we decided leaving the design up on our site is no more distasteful than it was back in 2013 and have allowed it to remain.


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