The Power Walking Dead T-Shirt

The Power Walking Dead – $18.00


This ingenious t-shirt portrays the most horrific of all types of zombies. Forget shamblers and shufflers. Don’t you worry about runners or crawlers. These members of the undead wear corny headbands and jogging suits and walk in a crazy weird style. They are…The Power Walking Dead!

This awesome zombie t-shirt is available in men’s sizes small through 2XL. It’s also available in a women’s baby doll fit tee in sizes small through 1XL. This zombie t-shirt is available in three different color choices: navy blue, charcoal and black. Prices start at just $18.00! (Baby doll tees are an extra $1.00 and 2XL Men’s tees add an extra $2.00 to the cost of these  zombie t-shirts.)


Click Here to by this awesome The Walking Dead zombie gift!

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