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Most people don’t know rubber ducks are very curious by nature.  Long after bath time is over they like to waddle around and explore the bathroom when no one is looking. Normally it’s not much of an issue but sometimes things do go wrong.  Unfortunately these poor little rubber duckies were a little too curious and ended up getting into the bath salts. Since it smelled delicious they ate some and naturally this turned them into green, bloody zombie ducks with an insatiable hunger for human flesh!

OK, these aren’t REAL zombie ducks. They’re just ordinary rubber ducks that we’ve painstakingly zombified by hand.

Each zombie rubber duck is painted by hand with bloody zombie detail. These little guys are the ideal combination of cute and scary. They feature  a blood covered bill and blood spattered face and body.  Basically there’s blood everywhere!  Just where that blood came from is anybody’s guess.   Their empty black and soul-less eyes with dark rings under them are still able to tug at your heartstrings.

Even though they’re a bloody mess, most of their brain is exposed,  and they could potentially eat your face you’ll still fall in love with this adorable zombie rubber ducks!

Each zombie duck is lovingly hand painted on an order by order basis. Although each duck is very similar, no two are exactly alike. The last photo here shows 3 rubber duckies  to give you an idea of how similar, yet unique, each individual zombie rubber ducky is. Each zombie rubber duck  has the same general features in about the same general area.  Sometimes we take a little creative freedom and add a little more blood, an extra bullet hole or two or maybe a bonus head wound. That’s what makes each one so unique!

After painting, each duck is protected with several protective layers of gloss or matte clear coat.

Each member of the The Quacking Dead family also ships with an adoption certificate. Simply fill in your name, your zombie duck’s name and sign!  Good luck because you’re now  the proud new owner of a zombie rubber ducky!







These zombie rubber duckies are intended to be used as bathroom decorations or display pieces. While very durable we aren’t sure these would hold up to frequent rough play.  We aren’t sure, but rough play such as squeezing, throwing or otherwise beating on your zombie rubber ducky might damage his finish. It might also make him VERY angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry!

These are typically made by hand on an order by order basis. We try to have one on hand and ready to ship, but can’t always guarantee it. Please allow up to 10 business days for your zombie rubber ducky to be completed and shipped.  Your zombie duck needs to be safely dry before it can be packed for the journey to it’s new home.  If you’re on a tight gift deadline etc. contact us before purchase and we”ll do our best to get your item shipped as quickly as possible.


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