The Walking Dead Nate Zombie Torso Bust

The Walking Dead Nate Torso Bust

The Walking Dead Nate Torso Bust

This Nate zombie bust, from Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, is a true work of art. The zombie bust features a zombie down to his waist. He’s missing an arm and his intestines are hanging out on his right side in glorious gory detail.

Our zombie friend is wearing a “The Walking Dead” T-shirt and he’s covered in blood spatters.  This zombie gift measures about 4 – 1/4″ tall and is painted in stunning detail thanks to the killer work of CS Moore Studio. It has been limited to a run of 3,000 pieces. Along with the “Vince” statuette this is the first in a series of highly detailed 1/9 scale zombie torso statuettes.

Originally priced at just $24.95 at the time of release, this was a The Walking Dead collectible any zombie fan could afford!

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AVAILABILITY UPDATE: We first featured this zombie product way back in 2012.  Thanks to them being many years old and produced in limited numbers, these are now much harder to obtain. The original limited edition run of 3,000 pieces sold out. As a result this bust (and other statuettes in this series) are highly sought after by Walking Dead collectors and fans.  Compared to its “Vince” counterpart, this Nate statuette is the more desirable and harder to obtain collectible.  Finding these new at any of the original retailers that sold them will likely be impossible. Your best bet is purchasing from a private collector or other third party reseller. Ebay and amazon are great places to start. The links above will take you to amazon product listings. We’ve also provided the links below to take you directly to search results for any active eBay listings for this, and similar products.

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