The Walking Dead Soundtrack – SpaceLab9 Vinyl LP: Hot Topic Limited Edition Blood Red Version

The Walking Dead Vinyl Soundtrack Blood Red


The Walking Dead Soundtrack Vol. 1: Blood Red VinylSpacelab9 Blood Red Vinyl LP Hot Topic


SpaceLab9 created several different versions of their awesome The Walking Dead Soundtrack Volume 1 Vinyl LP. There was the regular black vinyl edition and three different colored versions. The colored variants include a limited edition “Black Smoke” version, an extremely limited edition “Zombie Flesh Green” version, and this awesome Hot Topic Exclusive “Blood Red” Vinyl edition limited to just 1,000 copies. We can tell you from experience the limited edition Walking Dead Vinyl LP’s sell out quickly. Ask most of us that tried to get in on the Flesh Green vinyl action. If you want a Blood Red Vinyl version you’d better act fast before they’re gone! These Walking Dead collectibles are priced at $28.50.

Side A:
1. Jamie N. Commons – Lead Me Home (1:57)
2. Bear McCreary – Main Title Theme Song (UNKLE Remix) (5:17)
3. Voxhaul Broadcast – You Are the Wilderness (4:57)
4. Baby Bee – Love Bug (2:56)

Side B:
5. Fink – Warm Shadow (Dactyl Remix) (5:32)
6. Of MOnsters and Men – Sinking Man (2:56)
7. Beth & Maggie Greene – The Parting Glass (2:57)
8. Delta Spirit – Running (3:13)

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This item was a Hot Topic exclusive and a limited edition. As expected, they sold out very quickly. Browse current Walking Dead Soundtrack Vinyl LP’s on ebay right now: CLICK OR TAP HERE TO BROWSE FOR THIS ITEM.


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    • Pretty sure they sold out like a week ago. I’ll update the post with an ebay search widget and other sources for it etc when I find time.


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