The Walking Dead The Best Defense Board Game

Walking Dead Best Defense Board Game
Walking Dead The Best Defense Board Game

Do you have what it takes to be a leader during the zombie apocalypse? Can you make important decisions to benefit the group? How will you deal with those who buck your decisions and ignore them? Find out in Crytozoic’s board game based on the hit TV series, The Walking Dead.  This game takes a unique cooperative approach to game play.  One to Four players can take control of Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl,  Andrea, Michonne or other characters that must attempt to work together to defend resources against walkers in four key locations. Take your group to The Farm, The Highway, The Town, or The Prison, or choose to ignore the leader and go in your own direction the important decisions are up to you!

Each location is represented by a large oversized location tile.  Each location holds one of the vitally important resource decks consisting of 25 cards each. Resources include: Allies, Food, Ammo and equipment. Each player takes turns being the leader and each character has unique leadership abilities.  Do you have what it takes to protect your resources and keep your group safe? Find out by picking up The Walking Dead The Best Defense today.

Each game contains:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 48 event cards
  • 100 Resource cards (25 Ammunition Cards, 25 Food Cards, 25 Equipment Cards and 25 Ally Cards)
  • Over 80 Game Tokens
  • 6 Large Hero Cards
  • 4 Location Tiles (Prison, Town, Highway, Farm)
  • 6 Character Pawns with bases
  • 9 Ulterior Motive Cards (For advanced play)
  • 4 Dice

This game is recommended for ages 15 and up and supports 1 to 4 players.

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10 thoughts on “The Walking Dead The Best Defense Board Game”

  1. My family are huge walking dead fans- this would make an AWESOME edition to our family game nights. I think my boys would absolutely Love it

  2. The game looks like so much fun. What did you think of it? I clicked on the Amazon link and for $30 bucks it really isn’t a bad price!! This is definitely one game I would consider buy to have for when I have friends over or just between me and the hubby! Thank you for the awesome review!


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