The Walking Dead Zombie Head Letter Opener

The Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword Zombie Head Letter OpenerZombie Gift Michonne Sword Letter Opener

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is the zombie apocalypse is in full swing and your mailman is now a zombie. The good news is you can take care of business in more ways than one with this awesome Walking Dead Michonne’s Katana zombie head letter opener.

This letter opener looks just like the Katana sword Michonne uses to slice and dice the undead in The Walking Dead comic. We can’t actually recommend using this on your mailman, unless he’s really a zombie, but we can recommend you order this awesome Walking Dead Zombie gift!

The miniature replica of Michonne’s Katana allows you to open letters like a zombie killing Samurai. When your done simply slide the letter opener back into the zombie head where it is stored. As if it wasn’t cool enough already, this awesome Walking Dead zombie gift is packaged in a full color slip case.

If you need to find the perfect zombie gift for the busy business person in your life, this just might be it. Of course this zombie gift is cool enough to please any zombie fan regardless of their occupation! We might actually start opening our junk mail when we get this on our desk!

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