The Watching Dead Zombie Remote T-Shirt

We are The Watching Dead! Wear this shirt to proudly declare your love for TV, zombies and/or The Walking Dead.The Watching Dead


The Watching Dead t-shirt



The Watching Dead Zombie T-Shirt


We all wait impatiently for the next season to start.  Once it does we all stagger throughout the week waiting for the next episode. We’re all in this together..”We ARE the Watching Dead.”

Show the world you’re a huge fan of The Walking Dead with this great Walking Dead zombie themed t-shirt. This zombie t-shirt features an image of a zombie hand coming from the ground holding a television remote control. Cross tombstones and a couple TVs eerily sit in the background.The phrase, “The watching Dead” completes the awesome look.

Available in either Black or Military green, these 100% preshrunk comfortable cotton zombie t-shirts are sure to be a hit with any zombie fan.  These shirts are available in the following styles and sizes:

    • Unisex: Sizes small – 2XL
    • Ladies Fit: Sizes small – 2XL
    • Oversized T-Shirts: Sizes 3XL – 6XL


These affordable zombie t-shirts will make a unique gift for any fan of The Walking Dead. Click the images or links above, or the “buy now” button below to grab one of these awesome zombie gifts today!


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