The Watching Dead Zombie T-Shirt



The Watching Dead T-Shirt


Isn’t this what we all look like on many Sunday nights here in the United States? Zombie fans outside of the U.S., the day and time varies but it’s almost universally the same. We never miss an episode and we’re glued to the screen whenever The Walking Dead airs.

Whether it’s The Walking Dead or a zombie movie there’s nothing like settling down in your favorite chair and enjoying some “brain pop” popcorn.  This funny zombie t-shirt features a zombie sitting in a recliner watching some TV and enjoying a snack.  On the back of the TV stand is the phrase “The Watching Dead”.

This 100% cotton zombie t-shirt is available in both unisex and ladies fit and is available in either Navy or black. Need larger sizes? No problem! This zombie t-shirt is also available in oversized sizes from 3XL to 6XL. This affordable zombie t-shirt starts at just $14.95 so you have no excuse not to own it! (Larger sizes and ladies fit may cost slightly more.)

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