Ugly Zombie Santa Christmas Sweater

Ugly Zombie Santa Christmas Sweater

Ugly Zombie Santa Christmas Sweater

Zombies and ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage. Combining the two wildly popular cultural phenomena just makes sense. That’s what makes this Zombie gift so great! This Zombie Christmas sweater features an image of a zombie Santa that just crawled out of his grave. Maybe he’s going to deliver gifts to all the good little boys and girls. . . or maybe he’s going to shamble the earth on Christmas eve searching for brains and human flesh to devour. We’re not exactly sure what jolly old Saint Nick has planned, we just know we love this hideous zombie Christmas sweater.

This warm, comfortable and flexible sweater is made of breathable 100% cotton and is sure to please during the undead Holiday season. This zombie Santa ugly Christmas sweater is available in sizes small through 2XL. Click the image or link above or the button below for more information or ordering details.


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Ugly Zombie Christmas Sweater


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