Undead Fred Zombie Hand Guitar Hangers from Grip Studios


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Grip Studios Undead Fred Airbrushed Custom Guitar Hanger


Need a hand holding, displaying or storing your guitars? Grip Studios has the perfect solution for zombie fans. These Undead Fred airbrushed zombie hand guitar holders look just a zombie hand protruding from the wall to hold your guitar neck.

Each zombie hand guitar hanger is built from the finest materials. It is strong, durable and will support many times the weight of any guitar or bass.  Each zombie hand guitar hanger is machined and balanced so your instrument fits safely and securely. The zombie guitar grip is equipped with a rubber cushion so the neck and headstock of your guitar or bass is well protected.  No worries because this hanger won’t harm nitrocellulose finishes.  We can’t think of any better way for a zombie fan to display their beloved axe. Of course if you aren’t a musician or guitar player we’re pretty confident creative folks can find other uses for such an amazing zombie work of art.

These zombie hand guitar hangers are available in either a left hand or right hand design. We recommend both!





4 thoughts on “Undead Fred Zombie Hand Guitar Hangers from Grip Studios

  1. I have a bass that I lost patience trying to learn a long time ago-this is the perfect reason to bust it out again and look like I know what I’m doing with style 😉

  2. I love this, I dont have

  3. *cough* since my little one hit a button and sent my previous post to early, going to attempt to finish it, I dont have a guitar, but I would turn it so that I could hang my necklaces or rings from the fingers 🙂

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