Walker’s Decap Coffee Shirt

When you want the great coffee taste but not all the stimulation, you should reach for Walker’s brand Decapitated Coffee! Fresh. Hot. Delicious! Put a smile on any zombie fan’s face and turn heads with this Walker’s Decap Coffee Zombie Shirt.

Walker's Decap Coffee Zombie Shirt

Walker’s Decap Coffee Shirt – Zombie Coffee Shirt

This could be the perfect gift for the coffee loving zombie fan on your shopping list. Death before decaf? Maybe. But we are certain decapitated zombies are safer than the full strength ones.

This unique zombie t-shirt design features a fun zombie coffee theme. It features the phrase, “Walker’s Finest Decapitated Coffee” along with an image of a zombie head and a piping hot cup of coffee.


This unique zombie t-shirt design is available in a wide variety of fits, styles and colors. There is definitely one to fit your tastes and budget. Looking for a soft and supple shirt? Try the ringspun cotton shirt. Need a thick t-shirt? Try the heavyweight t-shirt design. Ladies slim fit? Curvy? You betcha! Need a large shirt? At the time of this posting this design is available up to 10XL! You can also choose a baseball style t-shirt or even get this design printed on a shirt for your dog or cat. Color choices may be different for each different t-shirt style but there are literally dozens of combinations to chose from.

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