Metal Warning Zombies Inside Sign

Keep friends safe and enemies away with this metal, “Warning Zombies Inside” sign!


Metal Warning Zombies Inside Sign Yellow Sign with Black Lettering and fake bright red blood splatters.

Things would go a lot more smoothly if people used helpful signs more. This holds true even during the zombie apocalypse. Signs can help warn of danger and keep unsuspecting passers safe from danger that lurks in an area. We live in a litigious world. If you’re going to let zombies wander around your property, you’ll need something like this “warning zombies inside” sign.

If you’re going to keep hordes of undead you need a good sign. Don’t ask why we know this. We just do. According to our attorneys, you need something clear, succinct and highly visible. Fortunately this zombies inside sign should protect you if nosy Ned down the street gets bitten while exploring your land. At least that’s what our lawyers told us.

Don’t even think about some cheap cardboard or paper sign either chief. If you’re dabbling in undead storage or collecting, you’ll need something that a little rain won’t wash away.

This metal sign is the perfect solution. It features metal construction with a highly visible yellow paint scheme. A black border surrounds large, bold black text reading,


Everyone should get the point. If that isn’t clear enough, bright red blood spatters at the top of the sign drive the message home. That should let everyone know this isn’t an area they should shamble through.

This zombie sign measures approximately 11 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It features holes in the corners for easy mounting. This sign looks great next to a The Walking Dead or zombie collection! To check current pricing and availability, click or tap the images or links here. Or use the resources below!

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